We shall meet each other once again,in Valhalla...

I'm a guitar player,i adore martial arts,have black belt in karate,started to train judo.Love reading books.Love girls...
From time to time i take a couple of shots,from my sisters camera.. :D

Followers plz help me,i want to buy a dream catcher,but there is none in Montenegro.Can some1 of you send me via post offices i ll give u adress,PM me.. Thanks! <3

when your surname is Djukanovic and they ask you - “A sto ti dodje Milo?”





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HI! My name is Matija,I’m from Montenegro :D
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zvijezdapadalica said: Where are you from?

KAko je Tina?

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Made by me:

Buket crnih oblaka iznad moga prozora,
pozdravio me od samog jutra,
nezgodno izgraviran trag u našim srcima,
gorak ukus, strah od novog sutra..

Jer ako Bog može tebe da uzme,
u krilo nek padnu olovne suze..
-Nebeski bend-Covjek bez sluha


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Mogu :D